Windows – Copy text file to usb zebra printer


First time using ZPL, I was googling my question but nothing so far.

I have downloaded the ZPL II programming language pdf file, and try to print the first sample:


I already create the txt file with above code, but when trying to "Copy" to the printer nothing happens.

by copying to the printer I found this: copy printtest.txt usb1 or copy printtest.txt > usb1

but that doesn't work.

I got a Zebra Printer Model S4M, connected thru usb: port: USB001 description: Virtual printer port for usb

Any help will be appreciated.

Best Solution

its pretty simple to get it to print... firstly share your printer copy the the file to the shared printer path example \Zebra1

i found some VB code i used a while back hope it helps

            Dim tempFile As New IO.StreamWriter("Name of file")
            Dim PrnPath as string ="\\MY-PC\Zebra"
            IO.File.Copy(tempFileName, PrnPath, True)
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