Windows – Get the output of a shell Command in


I have a program in which I call the Shell function. I would like to get the text output that is produced from this code in a file. However, this is not the return value of the executed code so I don't really know how to.

This program is a service but has access to the disk no problem as I already log other information. The whole service has multiple threads so I must also make sure that when the file is written it's not already accessed.

Best Solution

You won't be able to capture the output from Shell.

You will need to change this to a process and you will need to capture the the Standard Output (and possibly Error) streams from the process.

Here is an example:

        Dim oProcess As New Process()
        Dim oStartInfo As New ProcessStartInfo("ApplicationName.exe", "arguments")
        oStartInfo.UseShellExecute = False
        oStartInfo.RedirectStandardOutput = True
        oProcess.StartInfo = oStartInfo

        Dim sOutput As String
        Using oStreamReader As System.IO.StreamReader = oProcess.StandardOutput
            sOutput = oStreamReader.ReadToEnd()
        End Using

To get the standard error:

'Add this next to standard output redirect
 oStartInfo.RedirectStandardError = True

'Add this below
Using oStreamReader As System.IO.StreamReader = checkOut.StandardError
        sOutput = oStreamReader.ReadToEnd()
End Using