Windows – Hang a process


Is there a (more or less) easy way to force the process of a windows application to hang, and not respond? Or is this entirely dependent on the application/process in question?

Edit: What I wanted to try is this: The application in question has a web GUI, and several running processes in the background. There was a report that when one of these processes crashed, the web GUI stopped responding. I would like to try and reproduce that, but I realize it might not be that easy.

Best Solution

If you can get a handle to a thread in the application, you may be able to call SuspendThread() which will bring that thread to a screeching halt.

(Note that my answer assumes you want to make another application hang. There are a myriad of ways to make your own application hang, deliberately or not.)

In response to your edit, I recall that Process Explorer has the ability to manually suspend specific threads within a process. That would definitely be worth a try.

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