Windows – recursive move command on windows


I need to do a .bat copy of a .sh, I don't know much Windows cmd.
On Linux I could do

mv ...


rsync -a SOURCE/ DEST/ --remove-sent-files --ignore-existing --whole-file

but Windows "move" can't do the same

maybe there is a windows simple alternative, simpler and more performant than

for /R c:\sourceFolder\ %%G in (*) do ( move /Y "%%G" c:\destinationFolder\ )

Linux mv seems to update directories pointer, but the above Windows command will do hard stuff? I guess it's not a good idea for the big folders I need to frequently move

Best Solution

Robocopy did wonders for me:

 robocopy c:\cache c:\cache-2012 ?????-2012*.hash /S /MOV

I used it to move all files with certain mask out of c:\cache and its numerous subdirectories.