Windows – What causes the Vista/Win7 warning: “This program may not have installed correctly”


What causes this warning and what can I do to keep it from popping up when my app installs?

Possible causes:

  • Virus scanning software (I'm looking into that)
  • Not putting the uninstall in the Add/Remove programs (this will definitely cause the problem, per documentation from Microsoft (see answer below)
  • Putting .ocx or .dll files in the App Directory?
  • Not registering the library files (app runs fine without reinstalling, so I don't think this is it.

Any other ideas?

Best Solution

To fix this, see this blog post by Aaron Stebner:

  • Your app is probably being detected by the PCA (Program Compatibility Assistant) as a non-Vista (pre-Vista) installation application.
  • You will need to add an embedded manifest and set a requested execution level

There is a previous stack question on this topic as well with some alternative work-arounds (noob, I can only post one link at the moment). You should be able to find some information on Vista-aware installation applications and be able to resolve this issue, but the info above has worked for me in the past.

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