Wpf – Different item template for each item in a WPF List


I have many items inside a list control. I want each item to have a different item template depending on the type of the item. So the first item in the list is a ObjectA type and so I want it to be rendered with ItemTemplateA. Second item is a ObjectB type and so I want it to have ItemTemplateB for rendering. At the moment I can only use the ItemTemplate setting to define one template for them all. Any way to achieve this?

Best Solution

the ItemTemplateSelector will work but I think it is easier to create multiple DataTemplates in your resource section and then just giving each one a DataType. This will automatically then use this DataTemplate if the items generator detects the matching data type?

<DataTemplate DataType={x:Type local:ObjectA}>

Also make sure that you have no x:Key set for the DataTemplate.
Read more about this approach here

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