Wpf – Is it possible to set code behind a resource dictionary in WPF for event handling


Is it possible to set code behind a resource dictionary in WPF. For example in a usercontrol for a button you declare it in XAML. The event handling code for the button click is done in the code file behind the control. If I was to create a data template with a button how can I write the event handler code for it's button click within the resource dictionary.

Best Solution

I think what you're asking is you want a code-behind file for a ResourceDictionary. You can totally do this! In fact, you do it the same way as for a Window:

Say you have a ResourceDictionary called MyResourceDictionary. In your MyResourceDictionary.xaml file, put the x:Class attribute in the root element, like so:

<ResourceDictionary xmlns="http://schemas.microsoft.com/winfx/2006/xaml/presentation"

Then, create a code behind file called MyResourceDictionary.xaml.cs with the following declaration:

namespace MyCompany.MyProject
    partial class MyResourceDictionary : ResourceDictionary
       public MyResourceDictionary()
       ... // event handlers ahead..

And you're done. You can put whatever you wish in the code behind: methods, properties and event handlers.

== Update for Windows 10 apps ==

And just in case you are playing with UWP there is one more thing to be aware of:

<Application x:Class="SampleProject.App"
<!-- no need in x:ClassModifier="public" in the header above -->


                <!-- This will NOT work -->
                <!-- <ResourceDictionary Source="/MyResourceDictionary.xaml" />-->

                <!-- Create instance of your custom dictionary instead of the above source reference -->
                <rd:MyResourceDictionary />


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