Wpf – Multiline for WPF TextBox


I am developing an app for sending some feedback.

Basically I'm trying to make a TextBox for comments, but I'm used to the WinForms MultiLine=true. I've set MinLines to 3, which is getting there, but preferably I'd like it if the user is able to type wherever in this block – like press enter and do dot points sort of thing. For example:

- Item 1        blah
- Item 2                blahlb lahbvl   d

But at the moment the text all stays on one line.

- Item 1         blah - Item 2                      blahb blahb blah

These comments will then help fill the body of an email which is sent. It may be pointless if I can't easily keep the same formatting when putting this string into the email body string (so that it looks like it does when sent as it does when typed).

Can I achieve what I'm after or do I have to leave it as all text on one line?

Best Solution

Enable TextWrapping="Wrap" and AcceptsReturn="True" on your TextBox.

You might also wish to enable AcceptsTab and SpellCheck.IsEnabled too.