Wpf – the difference between the WPF TextBlock element and Label control?


Visually both of the following snippets produce the same UI. So why are there 2 controls..

<TextBox Name="nameTextBox" />


<TextBox Name="nameTextBox" />

(Well I am gonna answer this myself… thought this is a useful tidbit I learnt today from Programming WPF)

Best Solution

The WPF Textblock inherits from FrameworkElement instead of deriving from System.Windows.Control like the Label Control. This means that the Textblock is much more lightweight. The downside of using a textblock is no support for Access/Accerelator Keys and there is no link to other controls as target.

When you want to display text by itself use the TextBlock. The benefit is a light, performant way to display text.

When you want to associate text with another control like a TextBox use the Label control. The benefits are access keys and references to target control.