Wpf – Which files under Service References belong in source control. (Visual Studio)


I am new to both WPF and WCF, and have a WPF app that has a service reference to a WCF one. I have all sorts of files created under Service References/MyService. I am not so sure which need to go into source control and which don't.

I have a .disco, a .datasource, a .wsdl, 3 .xsds, 2 configuration.svcinfos, a Reference.cs,
and a Reference.svcmap.

I assume most are generated, yet I don't know which belong to source control and which do not.

Best Solution

Put all of them under source control, why not?

It's part of your code and it's needed to compile the project. If you use an automated build system, then you don't want that script to generate this code again, right?

As a bonus you'll get a history of changes to your service interface, could be useful too.

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